Laura Carbajo

Specialist artist in acrylic works of art.

I am Laura Carbajo, I was born in Miramar, Argentina on December 20th, 1976. Currently I live in Mallorca Spain, again by the sea as in my hometown, having settled in different countries experiencing different cultures, customs, behaviors …

Since I was little I started painting, my first painting dates back to when I was 5 years old. After a few years I did a painting course, in which I deepened techniques and from that moment on my training was self-taught.

Each artwork that I begin allows me to discover the techniques to use, since in them I express my feelings. When I paint I discover myself, I am connected with the universe and my inner peace. Each of my paintings is a different emotion.

My art ranges from abstract to figurative. The artworks are made with acrylics and textured materials, thus achieving different types of relief.

Do you want more details about my artworks?

Contact me and get more details about my artworks and exhibitions. I will love to keep you informed.